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Gin is high-quality ethanol, flavored with juniper and botanicals. Our Spy Hop Gins are flavorful, intense International-style gins that can be enjoyed over ice, with tonic, or in cocktails.

We thank our brilliant and creative friend, Diane Martindale, for naming our gins. We love the idea of matching the energy and sleek beauty of an orca whale spy hopping (jumping straight out of the water to look around) with our outstanding San Juan Island flavored gins.

Our gin recipe is made with a selection of San Juan Island botanicals: Very local botanicals, like blackberries, wild roses, lavender and other hand foraged island barks and botanicals. It is an original and highly flavorful gin on its own, but when the base is our award-winning cider, Harvest Select Gin, it is a truly memorable taste experience.